“Let’s turn up the heat”

Probably your first post should start with a greeting. So, HELLO PEOPLE

I’m Tomas Ordas, but this is the first and last time I write this. As of now, only ORDAS remains. Maybe someday I’ll tell you why, but now it’s not the most important thing.

Most probably wonder why I chose my blog name as “ORDAS Kitchen.” I think it’s elementary, my friend. Life is always boiling in the kitchen. Whatever the cuisine, be it a prestigious restaurant, diner, home, the biggest action is always going on there. So it’s no wonder I came up with this “genius idea” to call the bad “ORDAS kitchen.”

In this blog, you will find the best and most delicious food recipes, my insights, tips and all sorts of fools that can help you in your daily life.


ORDAS Kitchen – A blog created during the quarantine. I think now as if the world had stopped, we have more time to finish all our plans and jobs that we still didn’t have time for. This bad one is my confirmation to myself that there are many more like-minded people in the world. I’m sure we can all make this world a lot more interesting. If you agree, join me.

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